The CENTRELINE research work concentrates on three focus areas:

(1) the multi-disciplinary concept integration and design optimisation performed in WP2 (2) the aerodynamic design simulation and testing conducted in WP3 (3) the turbo-electric drive train pre-design performed in WP4

These three focus areas are framed by a realistic technology application scenario and the critical evaluation of research results at the overall system level realised in WP1.

CENTRELINE Basic Work Logic V-Shape
Basic Workflow

Methodological pillars

The key methodological pillars substantiating the planned research and innovation actions outlined in the basic work flow above include state-of-the-art high-fidelity simulation tools, robust techniques for design decision-making, multi-disciplinary pre-design of advanced aircraft and propulsion systems, and, problem-tailored physical test facilities.
Technology Application Scenario
Concept Down-Selection Methodology
Aero-numerical Simulation Methodology
Electric Machine Design Methodology
Power Plant System Design and Performance Synthesis
Structural Analysis Methodology
Integrated Aircraft Sizing Methodology
Overall Configuration Aero-Validation Testing
Fuselage Fan Aero-Validation Rig Testing
PFC Multidisciplinary Evaluation Methodology